Imagine looking forward to making a speech or being interviewed, confident you will look and sound your very best. I can help you achieve that goal.

Appearances matter more than you think

Did you know research shows that when you speak in public, audiences make up their minds about you within 20 seconds?

And that they base that decision far more on how you look and sound than on what you are actually saying? On whether you appear confident, likeable, trustworthy.

Yet many people are so self-conscious and fearful about public speaking they appear stiff and ill-at-ease, the opposite of self-assured and engaging.

Let me show you how to make a good impression

I will work with you in a friendly, focused environment (I am based in Sydney, and can either come to you or vice versa) to improve every aspect of your presentation.

In consultation with you, I will identify your specific problems and needs, then structure a targeted program that will teach you techniques and tactics for dealing with them.

Whether you’re making a speech at a conference or recording a video for your website, in three one-hour sessions I will show you how to project a positive, likeable, engaging image.

Fundamentals for becoming a confident and engaging communicator

Presentation & Appearance

Your body can betray your nerves and self-consciousness–shaking voice, sweaty hands, flushed face–making you both feel and appear anxious and uncomfortable.

I can show you how to break this cycle of negative body feedback by helping you manage your stance, breath and eye-contact so you will feel and appear relaxed and authoritative.


Your voice is like your DNA, unique to you and immediately identifiable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the way you use it.

The way you talk is more important in the business world than how you look.

With a few simple techniques, I can help ensure you sound confident, likeable and interesting.


When you write a speech or prepare answers for an interview, you often use language intended to be read not spoken, and end up sounding stilted and overly formal.

I can show you how to write using natural, everyday language that will engage and inform your listeners, ensuring you sound as if you are talking directly to them.

Film and Feedback

To help you understand and improve the way you sound and look, I will film you in a friendly, non-threatening environment.

Then together we will watch and listen to your performance, checking for positives and negatives.

I will recommend techniques and tactics for you to practise, to help overcome the negatives and build on the positives.


I owe a great deal to Lucienne Joy. She led the radio course at the Australian Film Television and Radio School where I studied after completing my journalism degree.
Lucienne was a teacher and mentor to me throughout my early years in the industry. Of all the people I’ve worked with in radio and television, I can’t think of a better teacher.
Lucienne has a wonderful voice and presentation style, but more importantly an excellent ear. She can hear the strengths and weaknesses in a particular voice and knows how to improve it.
If I could make one recommendation to anyone hoping to succeed in broadcast media, it would be to spend some time with Lucienne Joy.
David Speers, Political Editor, Sky News Australia | President of the Parliamentary Press Gallery | Anchor of every Leaders’ Debate for the last 3 federal elections | Walkley Award, December 2014.
Lucienne is an expert communicator and first-class trainer/coach. She has been instrumental in my development as a confident public speaker and presenter. She’s also terrific fun to be around as she illustrates her lessons with entertaining stories from the front-line.
Lucienne is one of those rare creatures who can make you feel at ease and stretch you to be better, simultaneously. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their presentation skills.
Rebecca Glenn, Manager, Community Investment, Commonwealth Bank
Lucienne has the ability to put clients at ease in what can be a stressful environment, analysing their presentation and delivery without making them feel negative or defensive. She has a comprehensive understanding of what makes for good presentation, coupled with an insight into the individual she’s working with that enables her to pinpoint personality traits that may be hindering them from communicating easily and effectively. Because of her long background as a journalist and interviewer, she has a depth of understanding across a wide range of subject matter. Our clients from the Financial Services Industry have been delighted with the outcomes of her training.
Peter White, Media Consultant/Trainer - Shed Media
Negotiating the world of modern communications is a tricky business. How to be authentic and true to yourself, while at the same time pitching a complex and potentially fraught message. Lucienne Joy has spent a large part of her professional career helping others acquire the skills and confidence to put their best voice forward. Lucienne combines specific techniques with a unique ability to intuit what it is that prevents many individuals from ‘telling it like it is.’ I have worked with Lucienne, in different guises, for the last eight years and recommend not just her deep professionalism, but most of all, her infectious capacity to help promote the talent of others.
Maxine McKew, Hon Fellow - University of Melbourne
I’ve never seen anyone who better understands what’s really going on in the heads of people who are going through the enormous pressure of presenting. She gives you the skills and confidence to perform. She has worked wonders with my clients.
Kevin Best, Creative Director, Lightbulb Films
Lucienne is the perfect combination of warmth and professionalism. One of her many strengths as a trainer is her sense of humour, which puts even the most nervous of authors at ease.
Mary-Lou Stephens, Author: Sex, Drugs and Meditation.

Lucienne ScreenshotAbout Lucienne

I worked for over 30 years in the media, as an announcer, interviewer and overseas correspondent for the ABC and commercial stations in Sydney, Canberra and the South of France. I was then Head of Radio at AFTRS (Australian Film, TV and Radio School) for six years, and a lecturer in the School of Communications at Charles Sturt University.

I also worked as campaign office manager and electorate officer for Federal Politician Maxine McKew, as Programs Manager for the ACMF (Australian Children’s Music Foundation) and published a novel, Ulterior Motives, with Allen & Unwin.

Throughout all that time, I continued to work as a Voice, Presentation and Media Trainer for a variety of clients across all sectors – government, corporate and the arts as well as individuals.

I have a BA, Dip Ed from Sydney University in English and Psychology, and studied Voice and Presentation with the Ensemble Studios, Actor’s Centre, Estill Method and vocal coach Janice Slater.

Call Lucienne, then breathe and relax.